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Kode Island is Celebrated by The Manifest as Bangladesh’s Most Reviewed B2B Partner for 2023

  • imageKode Island
  • imageMay 18, 2023

Conquering the digital scene is a daunting task for any business. There are many variables that take into place — a good website, a strong digital presence, and an impactful strategy. Here at Kode Island, we’re dedicated to providing the best solutions and being the all-around digital partner that our clients’ need.

With that being said, we’re extremely excited to share with you a new recognition that we’ve unlocked. During the yearly The Manifest Company Awards, Kode Island was officially spotlighted as one of the most reviewed digital marketing and web development partners in Bangladesh this 2023!

To help give context, The Manifest is a business news site dedicated to helping browsers understand different B2B services and sectors. The site annually holds an industry award to spotlight the top service providers that earned the trust of their respective clients. For every category, 15 leaders are chosen based on the number of honest recommendations and testimonials they’ve received over the preceding year.

We owe this amazing recognition to all of our beloved clients. We wouldn’t be celebrating this honor if it weren’t for their amazing support and trust. Thank you to each and every one of you who’ve entrusted us with your needs. It’s a massive honor for us to be your go-to partner! Congratulations too because this award is for you!

Interested to know more about our services? The Kode Island team is looking forward to working with you! Drop us a line and we’ll gladly walk you through our solutions.

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