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We always look forward to collaborating with some innovative and creative people or companies where we will make some best quality of themes or products.

But there is some policy for collaborating with us:

What kind of collaboration do you want?

We work in many different ways 1) Project based, 2) Full-time collaboration. Its depends on you for the collaboration.

How do you want to collaborate?

There is different policy for the different type of collaboration. We use different types of investment policies for the collaboration. All the processes will go on as par discussions.

Investment Criteria

When it’s about to invest in a project as per the work proposal the 50% amount of total payment have to give before starting the project and the rest of the amount has to give after getting the project with full satisfaction.

When it's about products the revenue share will be decided according to the work collaboration and using about the man powers. Here discussion will be needed about sharing revenues.

Agreement and privacy policy

There will make an agreement for the collaboration before the collaboration of the project. Both parties need to agree on all the terms and conditions and make signing on agreement paper.

All the information about the project will keep confidential and the access to the project will have only in the authority’s hand and no one will be able to break it without permission.

In the end, if there find some disappointments or something wrong which will be proved as violation of any parts of the agreement any party can close the agreement and take the legal action.